Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Own Advice

I know how to lose weight. Most of us do. Yet for some reason I still don't listen to my own advice. Why is that? I honestly haven't been able to find an answer.

I used to work at a kiosk in the mall selling a weight loss drink made from green tea that has 50 times the antioxidants of normal green tea without the caffeine. The drink was helpful for people who had a lot to lose but not so much for that last ten lbs.

One day a lady approached the kiosk and asked for my help. Now this lady was in great shape. She really didn't need to lose more than five lbs. She explained that she was trying to get rid of her baby weight and had been drinking the tea for several months now. She felt that it wasn't really helping her lose weight (I wasn't very surprised). She explained her current food and exercise habits, her diet was impeccable, plus she was doing cardio five times a week.

I decided to not be a salesperson (sometimes I choose the high road) and told her my honest opinion. She didn't need more tea. She needed to start weight training. That was the only thing missing from her current routine. I gave her a great pep talk, told her to hang in there, and she seemed really into it. She was excited, she was listening, and then out of nowhere she exclaimed "Thanks, I'll take a box!"

What?! I just spent ten minutes telling you you don't need this tea, you need to exercise more, and you want to buy a box? PS this tea is eighty dollars a box. How did this happen?

I told her what to do, and she knew I was right, but she still wanted to drink the magic drink rather than do the work. I can't claim I'm any better cause I told her what to do, but two years later I haven't done it myself.

In fact, I'm the greatest hypocrite ever.When I lived in Alaska, my roommates laughed hysterically at the fact that I used candy bar wrappers to bookmark whatever diet book I was reading! Obviously I'm not that serious about this if I'm sitting down on the couch and cuddling up to read Body for Life while I inhale my Snickers bar.

A woman after my own heart:)

Why do we consistently do the wrong thing when it comes to losing weight? My Stay Fat post was obviously a joke, but sometimes I wonder if subconsciously I really do want to stay fat. What other reason do I have for consistently behaving the way I have been?

There are answers I've been researching, but I'm still at a loss. Am I hiding behind my fat? Do I use it as an excuse to not go for my dreams? Do I not TRULY believe I can do it? Am I just not committed?

Not sure. I'm only sure that I've wanted to lose weight for five years now, and I have at times, but it never lasts. This go around I'm two months in (longer than normal for me) and I just want this to be the last time I try.

So I have some questions for my readers:

1. What is YOUR reason for making this time the time that you finally stick to it?
2. What makes this time different than the other times?
3. Have you ever sabotaged your own weight loss efforts?

Feel free to answer one or all of these questions. I'd really like your input.


  1. 1. One of my best friends is also trying to lose weight with me. It started as a competition and is now more of a check in kind of thing. It's lots easier when you know that somebody else is going through the same things that you are.
    2. I really want to do it this time and I told my friend that I would, so I'm not going to back down from it. Oh and its nice to look good and feel good again.
    3. Honestly the only times that I have purposely sabotaged myself were when I didn't communicate with my partner. If there was a week that we didn't talk... well lets just say that I reconnected with my other two best friends, Ben and Jerry, and my weights made big dents in the carpet :)

  2. Thanks for your positive comment! It's on, let's do it! :)

    1. Honestly, it started because I was newly single. But the main reason is so I can feel confident in myself. If I don't feel good about my weight, everything else suffers.

    2. I think I hit rock bottom at 250 (gaining 70 lbs in 2 yrs) and I look in the mirror and just want the old me back. She was a lot happier.

    3. Uh, yes! So many times. I think it always goes back to emotional eating, and feeling like I needed to eat to help me get thru moments in my life moreso than I needed to lose weight.

  3. There is something at my blog for you . . . check it out!

    Okay, now onto the important stuff. Your post. You are brilliant. Asking the right questions. Inside of all of us is a person who wants to be thin and also a person who wants to eat candy bars. And these two people are fighting with each other constantly. For overweight people, the candy bar wanting person is winning out over the one who wants to be thin. For thin people, the person who wants to be thin wins out more often (but NOT always!). For me the thing that finally changed was giving the one who wants to be thin the mental tools to win out more often. It took some work, but the work was fun and it changed my life so much for the better. In effect, I went through a brainwashing experience. I actually changed my brain to think thin! The Beck Diet Solution is the book that I read to get started.

  4. I'm sabotaging my own weight lossRIGHT NOW!

    I tell myself I'm finally sticking to it now because the sooner I do it, the more life I'll have to live.

    It's different this time because I know better than to expect 100% adherence to some an extremely restrictive plan. I know that it has to be something I'm willing to live with for the rest of my life.

  5. This time it's because I'm turning 40 this year. I didn't have a lot to lose this time, but as I've gotten older, I have become a "shape shifter". The scale can read the same number, but the jeans don't fit the same.

    As to when does it not work? When I do it by myself. It's hard to cook for 7 and then measure my food. When my hubby does it with me, it's just easier. It's easier if you have a work out partner. But you know what? When I was fat in high school and freshman year of college, I think I was totally hiding behind the fat. Not a doubt in my mind....

  6. Yes I've would say that I've sabotaged myself before, yes I've lost it before and yes I hope this is the last time. Why do we gain it back? Because it takes work to keep it off. It's harder to keep it off then it is to take it off. It is and always be a battle. I must resign myself to this fact. However things are a little different this time around. I'm eating more whole foods and staying away from "diet" foods. I'm eating real sugar or agave and not splenda even if there are more calories. I'm having chocolate sometimes but I'm eating way more fruit. It's different this time, and I hope that that means I will have a different outcome.

  7. 1. I decided I'm getting too old to make the excuses I have been making. I don't want to live my life hauling around a body that is too big for me.

    2. This time around, I am more motivated. I've decided, I am no longer going to be fat. If they can do it, I can do it and I will do it! Exercise has become a habit for me now.

  8. This post really hit home for me. Like you, I know that I have all the tools and knowledge that I need to lose weight. I've lost weight in the past. It's possible. Still, I can't make myself follow through. I have two new focuses I'm going to try:

    1. I'm not trying to get skinny or thin. I'm just trying to be healthier. When I have more energy, I'm going to feel SO much better. I'm ready to feel better.

    2. PLANS. I'm not going to just trust all my smarts to get me through. I can't wing it. I need to have menus written out and tons of fruits and veggies chopped up. The first time I lost weight I put in tons of work on the back end and I was very patient. I'm hoping to replicate that now.

  9. Hey there! Just came across your blog today and became a follower :)

    1. What is YOUR reason for making this time the time that you finally stick to it?
    I'm on the Weight Watchers plan and I refuse to give up this time. WW is such an easy plan to follow, so it fits in with my busy lifestyle. There's no excuses.

    2. What makes this time different than the other times?
    See above :) Also, I don't need to lose 100+ pounds this time. I want to lose 30 :)

    3. Have you ever sabotaged your own weight loss efforts?
    All the time.

  10. I love you.
    like for reals...
    Your blog speaks to my chubby soul.

    1 - Why am I stinking to it? Because i feel so unhealthy. every morning another ache or pain. and im so tired of hiking my pants up or pulling my shirt down. i just dont feel good being me.
    2 - Plans: make a plan for the day. Know exactly whats going to happen, then make it happen.
    3 - Sabotage: stop referring to myself as chubby. stop stress eating.
    [p.s. thanks for voting for my songs and thanks for losing it!]

  11. You are so brave for talking about this. Weight loss is such a tough issue. I can't relate, I am the opposite: I panic when I gain weight. So honestly, I don't think I'm much healthier than the person who doesn't lose weight. Essentially it always comes down to mental wellbeing.
    Good for you though for tackling this issue and for thinking about it deeply.

  12. 1. Because i finally did the math on my bucket list and realized I need allot more years to complete it.

    2. I blog, seriously; this is my support system which i have not had on past missions.

    3. Sure, still do at times when I choose not to make the right choices. The difference now is my support system brings me back before I string bad choices together for days, weeks, years

  13. I remember reading a Peter Drucker book on management and the quote was, "What you have to do and the way you have to do it is incredibly simple. Whether you're willing to do it is a another matter." He wasn't talking about weight loss but that's the first thing I thought about.

    To answer your question:

    1. I don't know that this is the time. It's one day at a time. It's about not letting one bad day or bad decision define this journey for me. It's about getting up. The reason? I'm just sick of being fat. Today mores so than yesterday and tomorrow more than today, I'm sure.

    2. I'm honest with myself. I have been less than forthcoming with myself on every other attempt. I've stripped myself down this time and there's no BS.

    3. Absolutely. It takes some of us longer than others to truly believe we're worthy. Sabotage comes in a many different forms...

  14. hello, saw you on haymarkets blog,interesting post, can commiserate! you have a nice sense of humor:)!

    i know that habits take awhile to get into(they say three months), and so im really trying to make small steady improvements. like exercising (a walk) everyday. now after a year of doing it, its a habit! now im working on using the stair stepper everyday, just a short time at first.ttysoon!and realizing the problem is a good good for you brave girl!

  15. 1. I lost another basketball game. It never used to happen when I had a 30" waist.

    2. Just feel like my entire body has stopped responding. Getting slow, fat, and lazy. It's time for a change.

    3. Yep. I just had a steak, plus a LOT of white rice. Like, 8? 9 cups? Seriously.


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