Sunday, February 27, 2011

Thin Mint Sprint


I have an important announcement to make: My first race video is DONE! It took much longer than I expected, but I've finally managed to finish editing the video from my first race in my 12 races in 12 mos extravaganza. I did a 5k called the Thin Mint Sprint to celebrate the start of Girl Scout Cookie season. I get hungry just thinking about it.  Cookies...yum...Ok I'm back! Here is that video:

I figured I would finish this post by answering some commonly asked questions about the race:

Q: Where did you get the Asians?
A: Asia

Q: But really where did they come from?
A: Korea. 

Q: Did that girl scout really beat you?
A: I don't want to talk about it. 

Q: How long did it take you to finish?
A: 29:57. I was really proud of that time for about two weeks until I was informed that a  5k was only 3.1 miles. For the longest time I thought it was 3.5, which would be a great inprovement on my normal treadmill speed. Tragic.

Q: Do you actually hate Boy Scouts?
A: No. Some of my best friends are boy scouts.

Q: Do you hate Obama?
A: Hate is such a strong word. And he's pretty hot for a president. 

Q: Why did you choose this race?
A: I thought there was a cookie eating contest after. 

Q: What did you do when you found out there wasn't?
A: I had my own. I won. 

Thanks for watching! And reading.....

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Meeting a MEATHEAD

Gyms get a lot of flack for being Meat Markets, and honestly I think its ridiculous. Some women just can't take a compliment. As a woman, after I get done being repulsed by the beefed up creepers who ogle me (and everyone else) at the gym, I often think "dang girl you lookin fine." Its an ego boost and I like it. No matter how creepy, stupid or ugly a guys is, his interest is at least a little bit flattering. Just because he still lives with his mom doesn't mean he can't appreciate beauty when he sees it.

Not to mention the prime cuts of grade A beef I've noticed for myself....

This being said, I've compiled a list of flattering comments my fellow gym members have used to brighten my day:

Hey baby, check out my balls of steel (while holding two kettle bells)

Dang girl, you just broke my heart rate monitor!

I had to use the elliptical today instead of the treadmill cause you made my knees so weak.

In the steam room: Stop breathing so hard. I know I'm hot but you're fogging up the room....Get it? Like if your breath was really the reason it--ok bye.

Uh oh. You've got some sweat in your cleavage. Let me give you a hand with that.

Can I buy you a protein shake?

I'm a personal trainer...........................No really, I am...........Just thought you should know.

All the weights are being used, could I just bench you? (no) Oh, ok. Wanna sit on my back while I do my pushups? (no) Ok, well maybe I could just pick you up and- (please don't touch me)

This sauna got even hotter when you walked in.

While he shows her his six pack: I've got six friends who think you should go out with me. Majority rules.

I hope you take Zumba, cause I can't wait to see what those hips can do.

Can I loan you my handkerchief to wipe away your sweat?

While she's doing bench presses: Oh honey, you've already got everything you need in that department.

Fat guy: I've got a lot of weight I'd like to lose, but you're 130 lbs I'd never let go of.

I'm going to let you feel my muscles, and if you're nice, I'll let you feel a part of me thats even harder...

I'd just like to eat you up, and I'm sure it'd be worth every calorie.

I'm feeling the burn in a few extra places today.

I'd be a dumb-bell if I didn't come talk to you.

I saw you behind me in the mirror while I was watching myself flex. You almost distracted me for a moment.

I couldn't have done half as many chinups if I hadn't been able to see down your shirt from the top.

You must be anaerobic cause you just took my breath away.

Ok fine I admit it, I made this up. I just wish guys would say this stuff to me. I guess I'm a little bit sad because I found out Grocery Boy has a girlfriend, and John Lindsey quit responding to my emails cause he thought I was crazy. Boys suck. That is all.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

And the winner is....

ME!!!! Its me:) Yay. I never win anything....Ok I do, but I seem to have forgotten all the other times. I'm so excited!

My good friend Wendy over at Healthy Girls Kitchen, along with The Life have both recently bestowed upon me the Stylish Blogger award. Apparently this means I am double stylish. Score.

In order to do my duty to this prestigious award I must:

1. Make a post & link back to the person who awarded me this award- Done. See amazing blogs above.
2. Share 7 things about myself- Wait for it...
3. Award 10 recently discovered great bloggers- So many to choose from!
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them they’ve won!- But I haven't chosen yet...this is hard.

Lets start with me. I apologize in advance to those of you who already know me too well;)

1. I am an actress. And whats more, is I am ALWAYS typecast as a mean and or evil person. I dig it. You can check out a preview from a film I was in directed by Lee Whitman that has been winning some awards, called War Stories:

2. I'm slightly nomadic/I move alot. There was one point in my life where I lived in six states in a two year period. This makes me a packing expert. I can pack my entire apartment and load everything into my car in an hour and twleve min. Bam.

3. I love the smell of puppies. Yum.

Took this when I went dog sledding--so fun!

4. I have a self diagnosed illness (which I also made up) I refer to as "grass is greener syndrome." I periodically become unhappy, or get an "itch," and decide I need to change something drastic. This illness is the catalyst for many of my life decisions including: Moving anywhere I've ever lived (always with less than a weeks notice), becoming a zipline tour guide in Alaska, and skydiving to name a few.

Me at Herber Glacier in Alaska, photo compliments of
5. I have weird body issues. For example, I think bones and veins are gross. I will FREAK OUT if you put direct pressure on my bones (wrist especially). And for no reason would I ever allow someone to pop my toes.

6. I have a day job- Sales Person. I have sold tons of random stuff--hair straighteners, green tea, lawn aeration, trash service, knives, nail designs, guidebooks to get a government grant, attic insulation, and believe it or not theres more. I can basically sell anything.

7. I can't sleep with my feet under the covers. It feels too confined. Don't tuck me in, don't fence me in.

And the Winners ARE:

Before I do this I just want to say, I have found a TON of amazing blog in the short time I've been doing this and I love you all:)

My Winning Year 2011--Darla is my soulmate. Every thought I have, she has first.
Future Bombshell--I've included a link to my fav post of hers.
Lyndy Butler Music-- Lyndy is an amazing musician who blogs about life, love, weightloss and music.
Bigger Than My Body--Sometimes funny, sometimes deep, always good.
Bacon is My Lover--She had me at bacon. Fair warning: this blog contains harsh language.
JackSh**tGettinFit--Always good for a laugh.
Prior Fat Guy--Good reads for anyone wishing to become a prior fat guy/girl.
Absolutely Narcissism--This girl is not afraid to say Vagina. And she's hilarious. Ha-lar-ious.
Pounds Off Playoff--Always an interesting read.
Healthy Train--These guys are hosting a competition I'm going to win in July. But I go to their blog for the photos. Very nice.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

As long as it takes...

As you may know from my last post, I've been doing some soul searching as of late. The main question on my mind has been "What makes this time different?"

Why is this the time that I will finally lose weight, and keep it off? There are a lot of answers. There are two main ideas that keep coming back to me:

1. I don't want to be someone who says I'm going to do something, and never does it.

I don't want to be all talk. It is embarrassing and pathetic to think of how long I've been talking about losing weight. I've come to the decision that the time is now. I am going to lose weight right now, or stop trying forever. I cannot enjoy my life when I'm consistently thinking of what I would do if I were at my ideal weight.

2. I am (for the first time) ready to do for this AS LONG AS IT TAKES.

I usually stick to a diet or workout schedule for a max of thirty days. I'm not significantly overweight,  so if I lose five or ten pounds I think "Oh I look good," and immediately stop trying. Then I gain it back and the process continues. This time around I have been eating better and exercising consistently for 2.5 mos. This is really not that long, but for me it more than doubles previous attempts.

I have been approaching this time around with a new mindset. I have definitely tried hard enough, this time I will only try long enough. There is no way I can continue with the new habits I have set for myself and gain weight. I may be slow, but it will come off. I don't care if it takes ten years or ten days, I am NOT giving up this time.

My dad is a super smart guy. One thing he has repeatedly told me is that "a crappy plan you stick to will succeed better than a great plan you give up on." Obviously I want to have a good plan. But the point is, I have to keep trying no matter what. No singles awareness day cupcake binge will throw me off forever. I just have to get back to my plan.

I have dieters ADD. I decide to do x diet or y cleanse, pump myself up, and three days in decide it was a terrible idea, give up completely, and find a new one for next week. There are tons of ways to lose weight. Whether I'm on the Zone diet or Weight Watchers doesn't really matter. It only matters that I stick to it. Repeat: Any diet will work if I STICK TO IT.

I truly believe that this time will be the time I finally find success. There are a couple things I've found especially helpful along the way:

1. Blog friends- If you are reading this, you count. Thanks for visiting my page, thanks for commenting, thanks for letting me read your blogs and for all the advice and encouragement.

 2. Green Smoothies, and other healthy food that actually tastes good ie zucchini noodles (more on these later).  If you are a newbie is a great place to start for good eats.

Roast and veggie egg white quiche--one of many delicious and healthy meals I've been enjoying as of late.

3. Racing- I haven't posted enough about the races I'm doing (I have a video in the works). I've set a goal to run a race a month this year. I've finished my first, and the second is coming up this Sat. The monthly is working out perfectly since right when I would normally give up I remember I have a race to train for;)

4. Stick To It mindset- In it for the long haul mentality. Nuff said.

What is working the best in your weight loss journeys?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Own Advice

I know how to lose weight. Most of us do. Yet for some reason I still don't listen to my own advice. Why is that? I honestly haven't been able to find an answer.

I used to work at a kiosk in the mall selling a weight loss drink made from green tea that has 50 times the antioxidants of normal green tea without the caffeine. The drink was helpful for people who had a lot to lose but not so much for that last ten lbs.

One day a lady approached the kiosk and asked for my help. Now this lady was in great shape. She really didn't need to lose more than five lbs. She explained that she was trying to get rid of her baby weight and had been drinking the tea for several months now. She felt that it wasn't really helping her lose weight (I wasn't very surprised). She explained her current food and exercise habits, her diet was impeccable, plus she was doing cardio five times a week.

I decided to not be a salesperson (sometimes I choose the high road) and told her my honest opinion. She didn't need more tea. She needed to start weight training. That was the only thing missing from her current routine. I gave her a great pep talk, told her to hang in there, and she seemed really into it. She was excited, she was listening, and then out of nowhere she exclaimed "Thanks, I'll take a box!"

What?! I just spent ten minutes telling you you don't need this tea, you need to exercise more, and you want to buy a box? PS this tea is eighty dollars a box. How did this happen?

I told her what to do, and she knew I was right, but she still wanted to drink the magic drink rather than do the work. I can't claim I'm any better cause I told her what to do, but two years later I haven't done it myself.

In fact, I'm the greatest hypocrite ever.When I lived in Alaska, my roommates laughed hysterically at the fact that I used candy bar wrappers to bookmark whatever diet book I was reading! Obviously I'm not that serious about this if I'm sitting down on the couch and cuddling up to read Body for Life while I inhale my Snickers bar.

A woman after my own heart:)

Why do we consistently do the wrong thing when it comes to losing weight? My Stay Fat post was obviously a joke, but sometimes I wonder if subconsciously I really do want to stay fat. What other reason do I have for consistently behaving the way I have been?

There are answers I've been researching, but I'm still at a loss. Am I hiding behind my fat? Do I use it as an excuse to not go for my dreams? Do I not TRULY believe I can do it? Am I just not committed?

Not sure. I'm only sure that I've wanted to lose weight for five years now, and I have at times, but it never lasts. This go around I'm two months in (longer than normal for me) and I just want this to be the last time I try.

So I have some questions for my readers:

1. What is YOUR reason for making this time the time that you finally stick to it?
2. What makes this time different than the other times?
3. Have you ever sabotaged your own weight loss efforts?

Feel free to answer one or all of these questions. I'd really like your input.