Thursday, January 13, 2011


If I could laugh my ass off in the literal sense Emails From an Asshole would be the only way to go. Oh the poundage I could lose...This is seriously the funniest book I've ever read! The book has absolutely nothing to do with weight loss except that I read it on the treadmill the other day. You can't do any heavy reading mid workout anyway, so this is light, and captivating all at once.

Basically, the author, John Lindsay pranks unsuspecting idiots on Craigs List.  For a sample, check out the Best Of section on his site. My personal fav is when he destroys this "down ass chick's" hopes of catching a ride: Ha Ha larious!

Even the FAQ section on his site is laugh worthy reading.

This book is so good that after only two days of it laying around my apartment, it has now been read by my roommate, her boyfriend, her little brother and some random guy from a party we had. None of these people read on a regular basis, especially party boy.

I suspect John Lindsay is ugly because I couldn't find one single picture of him online, but I decided to make a move anyway. I like funny guys, and this ones a gem so I had to see if there's any romantic potential between us. I wrote him the following email:

Subject: John Lindsay, its your Homegirl Ramones Girl (this is a spin-off of a joke from his book)

I have a crush on you because you are so funny. No, I am not playing your trick on you. I seriously have a crush. Are you by chance hot?  Where do you live? Your website is hilarious, but not very informative. You should reply to me.

Also, do you really only make 12k a year from your site? Cause I am thinking of doing something similar, but I prefer to make more so maybe I should direct my talents elsewhere. I am not a gold digger trying to find out how much you make. Just a fellow entrepreneur trying to make a buck. If you give me good advice, maybe someday I can be your sugar mama.

Have a nice day;)


I really hope he replies. Hopefully he doesn't think I'm lame for using his own joke on him (homegirl, ramonesgirl). If he is one of those guys who thinks he is funny, it will be ok. But if he is posessive of his jokes he could think I am trying to steal his brain or something. Unless he steals his own jokes, in which case he could let his source slip and I could hit on that person instead. Cross your fingers that I will land this jokester and achieve something higher than just groupie status;)

In the meantime, maximize your treadmill time! Read Emails From an Asshole for an ab workout you won't soon recover from.  If you have not yet clicked on the previous links, now is the time to go to

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  1. I love reading while on exercise equipment! The book you mentioned sounds hilarious and I do hope the author elevates you far above common groupie status..your letter to him was thoughtful, well written and funny!


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