Sunday, January 9, 2011

5 week weigh In

Its time for my first progress report! The results are in, and they are good;)

The initial doctor visit to take my measurements was horrible. How did I let it get this bad, How did I not notice, How long will I try before I finally lose weight, were only a few of the thoughts on my mind.

Fortunately, I started working right away. I've been exercising, and eating healthier for five weeks now, and it shows!

Dec 1, 2010 (before)
Jan 5, 2011 (now)
End Goal
-7 lbs
135 lbs
37 in
34 ¾ in
-2 ¼ in
43 in
40 ¼ in
-2 ¾ in
14 in
12 ¾ in
-1 ¼ in
25 in
22 ½ in
-2 ½ in

Its so good to see that I am actually improving. Some days, I felt like I was getting nowhere but I stuck with it. Some days, I still feel like I've gotten nowhere, but the numbers don't lie. I highly recommend taking measurements, along with before and after pictures. For those wondering what I've been doing, here are the details:

Exercise: I wanted to start out slowly so I wouldn't give up quickly. All I did was cardio five days a week. Usually the elliptical (I have bad knees), or jogging. My goal each workout was to burn 500-700 calories. Usually this means 45 min to an hour of cardio. Then I did squats and lunges once a week (they make me super sore) Lunges- 3 sets of ten on each side. Squats- 2 sets of fifteen jumping squats. And thats all. I plan to increase my routine as I go.

Diet: I made an effort but I cheated alot. Christmas, and New Years I gorged myself, along with the days before and after. I mainly made a conscious effort to eat far less sugar. I replaced candy bars and cookies with apples and pomegrantes. Most meals consisted of chicken with vegetables. Yum! The healthier I ate, the more I noticed I didn't even crave unhealthy food.


  1. That is awesome progress! Reward yourself with some (non-food) item!

  2. Excellent idea. My new reward of late has been workout songs for the ipod.

  3. Seriously we weigh the same and we have the exact same goal. I have lost 15 pounds since I lived in St. George and I am so happy I only have ten more to go and I will be back to normal or at my ideal weight or what ever. How are you? Its hard but it really is just writing down in a journal everything you eat and what not but taking classes at the gym is also good. Good luck to you! you should call me some time.


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