Monday, January 10, 2011

Cheaters Never Prosper...

I personally believe in "cheating." On a diet of course. If I can't enjoy sweets, and fat, and white carbs and all those other "bad" foods every once in a while I tend to fall off the wagon and pig out so I've decided not to fight it and let loose every once in a while.

Yesterday was my cheat day, and as such I really wanted to make the most of it. My two roomies and I decided to go out to lunch all together for the first time since moving in over a year ago. It was a monumentous occasion for the three of us to be together at once, and we deemed it our Sex and the City lunch. We were going to talk about men and fashion and eat whatever we wanted while remaining extremely attractive just like on TV. I wore my best shoes to make it count. 

So we got to the restaurant and after practically inhaling two loaves of garlic bread, the waiter finally showed up. It was a sports bar, and apparently it was very loud because the waiter couldn't hear anything I said. Our conversation:

Me: I want the orange chicken, but can you trade the rice for mashed potatoes or vegetables or something? (I don't like rice. I like potatoes. I wanted something good for my cheat day goshdarnit!)
Him: The orange chicken doesn't come with rice.
Me: What does it come with?
Him: It doesn't come with any sides. 
Me: Oh, I must have just imagined the rice. (orange chicken=asian food=rice, its conceivable)
Him: Oh you want fries?
Me: No.
Him: ________________ (confused look)
Me: Its cool, just give me the orange chicken.

 Our food came. Mine had rice. Go figure.

Normally this would be a small deal. But this is the only day of the week that I can eat mashed potatoes, and I'm also poor and tired, so I don't want to buy them at another restaurant, and I definitely do not want to make them myself! Is it so much to ask to have a waiter who knows that all orange chicken comes with rice regardless of where you get it, and is it so hard then for him to get rid of the rice and give me some deliciously creamy buttery garlic mashed potatoes? For the love of all things delicious what has happened to my cheat day?!?!

No matter, I certainly made up for it later.


  1. i think it added a nice touch to wear your best shoes, this waiter must really be an idiot, sorry about the potatoes. maybe you should have used your girlish figure to persuade him instead?

  2. i agree, i would definitely be more interested when that came in to play, men cant help themselves, they just start "loosing it". ha ha

  3. hmmm, very interesting. more worrisome then the lack of potatoes on cheat day, the lack of orange chicken server knowledge. i think you should return, and free potatoes should be in order. for the love of deliciousness... a woman should get what she wants. GET ME MY POTATEOS BIT**!!

  4. Thanks for checking out my blog Dani!!! Really liking yours!! Healthy suggestions are always appealing to read about!!


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