Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Six Pack in Six Sec or Less!!!

I needed to look ab fab in five min flat for a party where there could be potential future boyfriends. It was too late to do the master cleanse, and the diuretics were getting difficult to swallow. I was running out of saliva and time when I came across this video!

Click to see amazing video

If this fails, and cash flow is not an issue, its time to invest in a pair of spanx.


  1. Spanx are always good! I couldn't watch the video because I'm not a subscriber to that channel . . .

    did you find your copy of Beck?

  2. I ride by the Spanx headquarters every morning on my commute and I always contemplating genuflecting or leaving a Krispy Kreme donut on the sign as an offering.

  3. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Spanx...I love them and hate them at the same time. :)

  4. Wendy- Dang it! Its so funny. I checked the link, and you don't have to subscribe to that channel, but you DO have to verify that you are over 18 by signing into youtube. Do you have a youtube account at all? You have to be over 18 to watch it cause the girl is in a bikini, and apparently, that is "inappropriate"

    Crys- Hilarious!

    Noelle- Thanks for stopping by mine! Spanx and I definately have a love hate relationship as well;)


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