Friday, January 14, 2011

Losing It

I just might lose my mind before I lose this extra poundage. Today was tough for me. I had my weekly weigh in yesterday, and I'm extremely upset. I gained two pounds.

This should not upset me. My doctor told me I gained two pounds of muscle, and lost a half pound of fat. So overall, its more of a success.  But it doesn't FEEL like success. I feel like I got fatter. The needle moved up when it should have gone down. Grr! I want a brownie. The reasonable part of my brain tells me I should be happy. Gaining muscle is good. The other less logical part of my brain only cares about the number on the scale. And that number is bad! Worse than last week, which means that all of my hard work was for nothing.

Not to mention, I'm starting to question the accuracy of this doctors technology. I did alot of cardio this week but skipped the lunges so exactly how did I get these two pounds of "muscle?"Conspiracy!

I'm starting to feel like a bi-polar nutcase, and I'm in the mood for some chocolate therapy.


  1. nooo chocolate therapy young lady! :-D I looked but didnt see *how* you are attempting to lose the poundage; is the possible quack dr. giving you a medical plan type deal? Dont give up, maybe it'll just take some tweaking! You dont have all that much to lose, and I dont say that to discount the struggle at all, simply to point out that when human beings are closer to a somewhat healthy-ish size its tougher to ditch the extra weight. I think your adjective "glacial" is prolly a good one. Thats how I feel at the moment too! Hang in there!

  2. Hey Bloggin Buddie-

    Don't forget abt the inches that you're losin and stuff. As a girl who gets on a scale daily (well, tries to anyway) I know the numbers for numbers' sake suck when they don't move and hearing any logical explanation do nothing to stop our female irrational thinking, but you're doing great! Fabulous even!

    And I think that a little dark chocolate and a glass of good red wine might do a body good. But don't listen to me. I've got fashion fairies after me. ;-)


  3. Bi-polar nutcase and trying to lose weight go hand-in-hand. Never.Complain.About.Muscle. That's the good stuff!

  4. Congrats on figuring out how mental this whole thing is. You don't have setbacks with out trying in the first place. You're not part of the solution, and no longer the problem. There's gonna be ups and downs, but realize that the big picture is a healthier you. The scale is just one of many ways to judge progress.

  5. Please, please, please listen to
    a) how your clothes fit
    b) what the tape measure says.
    They tell the truth. The scale, not so much.

    And read Why the Scale Lies (

  6. Aw you guys are all so sweet and helpful.

    Ariel-Maybe a quack doctor but I'm not buying her potions. I just pay her ten bucks to weigh me and take my measurements once a week. I feel like its more accurate that way. I'm doing cardio for 45 min to an hour, and trying to eat generally healthier. Maybe I should be more hard core about it...

  7. Hey darling, don't get too down on yourself, it is ebb and flow right? We always expect immediate results but usually we didn't put on the weight that quickly so it is bound to take a bit of time.

    Good on you for your progress so far! That is what you should be concentrating on. And you know what, you could have a brownie if it was raw and vegan (YUM!)

  8. Hmmm, 2 pounds muscle gained on a week? I guess it could happen, seems like allot, real question is how do you feel? Your mind should be able to validate for your own sanity sake if you gained more fat or muscle. Either way, dont fret too much over it; it is your next choices that are going to make the difference in the next weigh in.

    Nice blog!


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